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Reading List: Pro-Western Christianity

As a number of theologians have noted, two things are taking place in the world today:

(1) Outside the West, Non-Western Christianity is becoming the norm (e.g. African Christianity in Africa and Mestizo Christianity in Latin America)

and (2) Inside the West, Christian Cultural Marxism is now the norm.

Fun Fact: the groundbreaking survey on masculinity by Terman & Miles found that Christian clergy were the second most effeminate group of males, next only to passive homosexuals.  In short, mainstream Christianity today (aka Cuckstianity) is run by girly men.  Just listen to some limp-wristed pastor or priest talking about how we need to accept and welcome Third World immigrants and refugees.

We thus decided to put up this reading list to benefit high-IQ, Uncucked Christians interested in Pro-Western Christianity.  This reading list is non-denominational and promotes Pro-Western Christianity from a variety of perspectives (Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, etc.).  This reading list transcends the left/right divide to provide new direction and motivation for Western Christians.   We hope you enjoy.


Cucked Christianity (aka, Cuckstianity): A form of modern Christianity that promotes cuckoldry, such as mass third-world immigration, transracial adoption, diversity, and "racial reconciliation" (i.e. reparations).

Uncucked Christianity:  A traditional form of Christianity that recognizes importance of genophilia, ethno-religion, identitarian religion, and ethnocentrism.  Typically practiced by alpha males and high-status females.

Genophilia: Love of one's own race.  A key tenet of traditional religion, which is adamantly rejected by Christian Cultural Marxists.

Christian Cultural Marxism: A Christian form of Cultural Marxism. The doctrine that people should deny racial / ethnic loyalties.  Christian Cultural Marxists support mass Third World immigration into Western countries, diversity outreach, literal cuckoldry such as whites adopting non-whites, etc.

Identitarian Religion:  An older form of religion that stresses ancestral obligations.  Adamantly opposed by Christian Cultural Marxists (at least for whites). Throughout nearly all human history, identitarian religion (aka, ethno-religion), has been the norm.

Scientific & Philosophical Realism:  Unlike both fundamentalists and Christian Christian Cultural Marxists who reject science, Christian scientific realists are pro-science.  For instance, we realists accept the obvious truth of human biodiversity, which is adamantly rejected by Christian Cultural Marxists.  Since God created human biodiversity, we should pronounce and celebrate it.

Disclaimer:  The function of this reading list is not to belittle other expressions of Christianity (e.g. Black Christianity in New World & Africa, Asian Christianity, Mestizo Christianity, etc.) but merely to defend and give an overview of a Pro-Western Christianity for the benefit of Westerners.

Reading List: Pro-Western Christianity 

The Seven Theses of Cultural Marxism

Dennis Anderson:  "Interracial Marriages In Light of the Scriptures"

Lawrence Auster:  "Is It Wrong To Talk About Race?" and "Racial Conservatism"

Bible: Vulgate, King James, Luther 

Frank Borzellieri: "The Church Militant: PC is the Dogma"  

Bruce Charlton:  "Is the Christian evolutionist an oxymoron?"[Why high-IQ Christians should accept the theory of evolution]

Christianity & Race: "Christianity & Race," "Don't harm children with interracial adoption," "Christian Cultural Marxism"

Alfred Clark:  "What is identitarian religion?" "Why the religious should reject Intelligent Design" and "Are Christian Leaders Today a Bunch of Girly Men?"

Edmund Connelly: "God Helps Those Who Help Themselves: The Beginnings of White Victimization in Multicultural America - Pt I" [Pt II

Dow Blog: Why open-borders Christian Cultural Marxist Russell Moore is wrong about immigration.  Part IPart IIPart III.

James R. Edwards:  "A Biblical Perspective on Immigration Policy:  Why Mass Immigration Is Wrong"

Albert Emory: "Time to end Catholic vs Racialist divide on Dissident Right?"

Walter Everly: "On the rise of Christian Cultural Marxism"

Thomas Fleming:  Morality of Everyday Life

Samuel T. Francis: "The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity"

Andrew Fraser: "'Whiteness' as a Theological Problem: J Kameron Carter on Race"

Generation5: "The Christian Case for Same-Race Marriage"

Generation5: "Defending Christian HBD"

Generation5: "Reconsidering Interracial Adoption"

Good housekeeping: "White mother returns adopted Haitian child because he was too violent"

Gregory Hood:  “The God They Really Believe In

Thomas Jackson:  "Christianity Turns Brown" [Why we need Pro-Western Christianity]

James Kalb: "Anti-Racism"

Juicy Ecumenism: “The Evangelical Immigration Table Exposed As Another George Soros Front

Kinist Review:  "What is Kinism and Why Does It Matter?"

E. Christian Kopff: "On the Christian-Classical-Germanic tradition"

David Opperman: "A Biblical Defense of Ethno-Nationalism"

Nil Desperandum: "A Response to Russell Moore’s Opinions on Immigration and Race"

Nil Desperandum: "On Interracial Marriage: The Moral Status of Miscegenation"

Nil Desperandum: "Bloodlines: John Piper’s Assault on the Hereditary Family: Pt. I" [Pt II] [Pt III]

Nil Desperandum: "Christian Ethics and Interracial Marriage, Pt. I" [Pt. II] [Pt. III] [Pt. IV] [Pt. V]

Andy Nowicki: "Southern, White, Religious, and Racist"

Matt Parrott:  "Cosmic America"

Trudie Pert:  "The War on Easter"

Jean Raspail:  Camp of the Saints

Refugee Resettlement Watch:  "Catholic and Protestant churches getting millions of dollars from Obama to support Third World refugee invasion of the USA" 

James C Russell: The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity

Christian Talour: "Christianity and Race" and "Christian Identitarian Manifesto"

Thinking Housewife:  "A Conversation About Race"

Srdja Trifkovic:  The Sword of the Prophet

Chilton Williamson: "A Practicing Catholic Considers Why 'The Church' Is Wrong About Immigration"

Ehud Would: "The reality of race"

Bitchute: "The last uncucked pastor" (video)

Other Things of Interest (from secular viewpoints):

Steven A Camarota: "74.7% of Mexican immigrants use some form of welfare in the USA" and "Legal and Illegal Immigration Driving Down American Wages"

Thomas Carter:  "What Race Are Hispanics?

Sophia Cochran:  "What Is Cultural Marxism?

Peter Dodds: “The International Adoption Racket

A.J. Fisher: "Biological Problems with Mixed-Race Families, Marriages, Relationships and Adoptions"

Kathryn Joyce:  "The Evangelical Orphan Scam"

Hugh MacDonald: "Group Polarization and the Fad of Ethnomasochism"

Human BioDiversity:  A Dictionary

Johnny Mantraseed: "A Message From White And Normal Women"

Science Direct:  "Modern genetics proves race is real and important"

Steve Sailer: "Where Dawkins Fears To Tread: Ethnic Nepotism And The Reality Of Race"

Steve Sailer:  "How Diversity Destroys Social Trust"

Frank Salter: "Estimating Ethnic Genetic Interests: Is It Adaptive to Resist Replacement Migration?"

Frank Salter: "Misunderstandings of Kin Selection and the Delay in Quantifying Ethnic Kinship."

Sarich & Miele:  "The Ancient Concept of Race"

Jared Taylor: "Pathological Altruism: The White Man's Disease"

Nancy Turner:  "Key Characteristics of White Trash

Winegard:  "On the Reality of Race and the Abhorrence of Racism"

Important:  Many good videos / documentaries debunking Cultural Marxism / Critical Race Theory (click on link and scroll down, hundreds of videos):  Anti-Cultural Marxism Videos

Gens Alba Conservanda Est

Great picture to illustrate Christian Cultural Marxism:
Rev. Jim Jones and his "Rainbow Family":

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